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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5 Codebreaker cheats (Pal)

Proof! Sorry Slow Video....:)

Enable Code  (Must Be On)
90175628 0C05EC78
200C0220 3C013F80
200C0224 56400002
200C0230 52400002
200C0240 3C014170
200C0244 56400001
200C024C 52400001
200C0254 08095353
200C0258 00000000
20254D44 08030088

P1 Press Select To Skip FMV
20159750 8C620000
D0619282 0000FFFE
20159750 24020001

VS Mode Codes

Infinite Health P1
200C0228 AE21006C

No Health P1
200C0228 AE20006C

Infinite Chakra P1
200C0248 AE210070

No Chakra P1
200C0248 AE200070

Infinite Linked Attack P1
200C0238 AE210074

No Linked Attack P1
200C0238 AE200074

P1 Press L1+Select Infinite Health P2
D0619282 0000FBFE
200C0234 AE21006C

P1 Press L2+Select For Instant Kill P2
D0619282 0000FEFE
200C0234 AE20006C

P1 Press R1+Select For Disable Instant Kill P2
D0619282 0000F7FE
200C0234 00000000

P1 Press R3+L1 To Infinite Chakra P2
D0619282 0000FBFB
200C0250 AE210070

P1 Press R3+L2 To No Chakra P2
D0619282 0000FEFB
200C0250 AE200070

P1 Press R3+R1 For Disable Infinite Chakra P2
D0619282 0000F7FB
200C0250 00000000

P1 Press L3+L1 To Infinite Linked Attack P2
D0619282 0000FBFD
200C022C AE210074

P1 Press L3+L2 To No Linked Attack P2
D0619282 0000FEFD
200C022C AE200074

P1 Press L3+R1 For Normal Linked Attack P2
D0619282 0000F7FD
200C022C 00000000

P1 Press R3+Up To Disable Timer
D0619282 0000FFEB
201F1DA8 00000000

P1 Press R3+Down To Enable Timer
D0619282 0000FFBB
201F1DA8 AC830004

Unlock All Characters
201E94B4 24020003

Unlock All Linked Characters
201E95AC 2402FFFF

Infinite Items
D0725C04 00001823
20725C08 00000000

Master Mode Codes

Infinite Health
E0020130 0070C14C
2070C158 C441022C
2070C160 E4410224

Infinite Chakra
E004802D 006D1178
200C0270 C4560230
200C0274 03E00008
200C0278 E4560228
206D1180 0C03009C

Infinite 4 Tail transformation (Naruto)
E0020008 006D41C4
206D41D0 3C0142C8
206D41D4 AC610234

Infinite Items        (This cheat may cause problem when doing some request)
201E9B64 00000000

Have All Max Infinite Items  (This cheat may cause problem when doing some request)
201E9B74 24020063

Money Codes

Infinite Money Ryo
201FD91C 00000000

Max Infinite Money Ryo
201FD94C 3C0205F5
201FD954 3442E0FF
201FD960 AC420034

Collection Codes

Have Character
201E94B4 2402FFFF

Have Diorama Character
201E96FC 24020003

Have Figure
201E96AC 24020003

Have Ultimate Justu
201E96DC 24020003

Have Voice
201E96CC 24020003

Have Movie
201E96EC 24020003

Have Music
201E96BC 24020003

I had try it. Its working!

Sorry...you have to type the codes manually ok.....It takes just a few minutes..
Work with all versions of Codebreaker...except codebreaker v 6...because I can't add new cheat..can you tell me how to add?


  1. where you type the codes for money????????

    1. any versions of codebreaker...

  2. Where did you type the code???

  3. How to type the code?

    1. In codebreaker press select cheats and press o button to create. Press o again to cancel...

      Button tips:
      Square: edit code
      Triangle: Delete code
      Cross : select code
      Circle: Create code

  4. bytheway the cheat is not permanent :(

  5. yup...the characters not permanent

  6. few ummm lot things

    skip fmv? doesn't this game have these feature...fheatore...on whatever

    inf items (vs. mode) make me throw inf holding items but better would be stock enable (makes you able to pick mester mode's items in vs. and pratice) and inf items (you always have 99 ninja tools)

    Have All Max Infinite Items (master mode) do you hasve individual codes (for healing euip. battle and inportant)

    Have Character i think you may notice but someone not notice that this code are whoren twonce....whoten tweonce....beh forget it

    it may be like i looking rude 'cuz i'm being "but just a little" and what did you expect look it timing


    it matter not who i am or where did i came from we are all here to game. you could find an surviving russian in you revil outbreaker file #2 or shoot down an at-at walker togather a brazilian in your battletront renegade squadron and what that matter. you have breaked the egg and earn a mask or saw hin fall into a vanish trap to let you assault the red"s stroghold "and that's what matter, to reach your goal as you have fun doing it"

    1. Thanks for that comment, but i didnt make the codes......

      the infinite item will give u infinite paper bombs like that...

      the infinite item in master mode code will give u infinite health recovery in rpg and 99 value of items and equipment

  7. how to i speed up pcsx2 0.9.8 withowt graphic card

    1. i don't know just serach it at youtube...u can find it there :)

  8. do you have any codes for the exp. points for naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 5? there was money codes, but i wanted for the exp. points codes, please help me

    1. Sorry i dn't have it...i'm just take these codes from others...i dont create it...but there's a way to hack exp points by using emulator...pcsx2

    2. Sorry i dn't have it...i'm just take these codes from others...i dont create it...but there's a way to hack exp points by using emulator...pcsx2

  9. Itu utk ps 2? Klw iya masangnya dmn?

    1. Iya untk ps2...untk gunanya butuh dvd/cd codebreaker

    2. Iya untk ps2...untk gunanya butuh dvd/cd codebreaker