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Classic Games: SuperCow (download free)

SuperCow download free......

Help Supercow in her effort to save the village from an evil doctor..

Download Here...

How to hack exp in Stick Run.

Stick Run Facebook EXP hack!!

Hi, today I will show you how to hack Stick Run exp in Google using Cheat Engine 6.2...

1. Open SR......

2.Then, go to chrome://memory-redirect/

3.Go to start menu type Calculator.......select view and select programmer....
   type the code 5632.....and click the hex button

4. Open cheat engine........select process and choose the  00001600-chrome.exe

5.In Stick Run, play single player......(just got some exp and die)

6.Next go to Cheat Engine and select Binary at the value type.

7. Scan the value of the exp you have now...

8. After you scanned it, play again and scan again....repeat it until you get the address( must be one)

9. When you got the address, change the type....

10.From 3, select 7......then press OK..

11.Now change the address value to 999.....keep dying, and you will LVL UP!!

Nice right?
NO BAN.....

Credits to: Dasuke

PS2 dics version checker v1.1

PS2 Disc Version Checker v1.1

                       A disc version checker for PS2 discs

Just insert a disc in your computer, wait for loading and press the Check Version button.

For use in Codebreaker,Gameshark and other cheating utilities.