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Prince of Persia The Sands of Time codebreaker code

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Codebreaker Codes

Enable codes: 9A6C4740 18BEEFD8

Infinite Health
20265C78 24013634
203034B4 24013634

Max Health    
2A432F7D 2403012C
2A4F2F7D AC430000
1ABB3930 00001000
1AC73930 00001000

Max Sand Meter
2A9B2F7E 2403000A
2A872F7E AC430000
1A733931 00001000

Infinite Sand Meter
2A632F7E 2403000A
2A6F2F7E AC430000
1A9B3931 00001000

Max Power Tanks
2A0F2F7E 24030014
2A0B2F7E AC430000
1A0F3931 00001000

Infinite Power Tanks
2AC72F7E 24030014
2AC32F7E AC430000
1A373931 00001000

Infinite Sand Rewind
2AA31E1F 00000000
2A571E11 00000000
2A131E12 00000000

Unlock Prince Of Persia 1
2A0B21D5 8C410000
2AF721D5 34211000
2AF321D5 AC410000

Infinite Health (Farah)
7AFB3405 7D575AAD
2AE72B50 24020004

P1 Press L1+Select For Normal Speed
DAA61D55 B28E4519
2A33662C 3F800000

P1 Press L2+Select For Super Speed
DAA61D55 B28E4619
2A33662C 3FC00000

P1 Press R1+Select For Turbo Speed
DAA61D55 B28E4919
2A33662C 40000000

P1 Press R2+Select For Ultra Speed
DAA61D55 B28E4719
2A33662C 40800000

Infinite Slow Motion
7A1D342A 7DB15A82
2A4B11C2 46000000

Disable AI
2A0B215E 03E00008
2AF7215E 00000000

This is from codetwink, but some code I edit it......work.....:)

Download cheat file: here


  1. hello had you know the blog that have many code breaker cheat for pcsx2?

    1. you can search it at cheats.codetwink.com